We are preparing some exciting activities to complete the program and improve your experience


DS@Academy is an activity that will occur during the October 25 afternoon. If you are a student or concluded your studies in the last year, don’t miss this exciting opportunity to present on stage, that exciting work in which you have been working for countless hours! It’s your opportunity to shine, show your skills and share with an audience of data scientists and related professionals, companies and fellow students, the latest breaking news and your work can change the world!
If you have an application case, best practice, new ideas, algorithm, a great solution for a practical problem or other (as long as it is related to the field) make your submission in this form. The 12 selected works will win a free pass for the conference.
You can check the terms and conditions of this activity here
Don’t be shy, go a step further and enter this challenge! We’re eager to hear your project 😊



This activity will occur during the October 25 afternoon and is the perfect opportunity to meet and know more about our sponsors. During approximately 2 hours you will have the chance to hear the best things that they are doing and details about the most exciting projects in data science and machine learning, by their collaborators. You will also have the chance to engage with the companies representatives and ask the questions that you never had the chance before!  Don’t miss this opportunity and join us!!  😉


Mind Blowing

One of the biggest news for this edition!  Mind Blowing Learning, powered by INESC TEC, is one of our newest proposals,  following the schema of lightning and ignite talks, prepare yourself to hear data scientists and machine learning experts to talking about breakthrough discoveries, concepts,  buzzling ideas and much more in a non stop presentation. We want to trigger in our audience the spark of curiosity for what is the most advanced work in the field and/or who knows the spark for your next one million dollar idea! This activity will happen in the October 26 during the coffee breaks,  near the entrance of the main stage for about 30 minutes (don’t worry, you will still have plenty of time to eat and networking). 
Don’t miss this great opportunity,  grab a beer and join us! 
PS- did we already tell you that, this activity is powered by INESC TEC?! 😃 Proudly one of DSPT Day partners!

Stamp Quest

In the previous edition, Stamp Quest was one of the most exciting and acclaimed activities that we had. We have the pleasure to announce that this year, we’re going to bring back the old glory. During October, 25 and 26, don’t miss the opportunity to walk through our sponsor’s stands, complete their exciting challenges and know more about their work, while you collect the stamps. The complete tour will give you the chance to enter in a contest to win sensational prizes. ☘


Meet a Speaker

Your “hero” or that person that you always wanted to meet is going to give a talk or keynote at DSPT Day ? Then this activity is for you! As in the previous edition, this year, during the October, 26 you have the opportunity to book a time slot to meet and have a chat with a speaker. No more hassle or fighting for attention! The time slots are assigned only to a person at a time and it’s your job to make the most of it! Don’t miss the chance to book your time slot with the speaker that you are eager to discuss exciting topics! Who knows if the spark for your next big idea is not only a conversation away!

Meet a Sponsor

Like in “Meet a Speaker”, we also want to give you the opportunity to chat in a more casual and relaxed way with our sponsors. If you are interested in knowing more about a company, book a time slot and we will ensure that you have full attention from a representative, either technical or HR! Feel free to make the best use of this opportunity, because it’s all about the networking!

Community Corner

Another exciting announcement! We’re all committed to build the best data science community because we truly believe that sharing knowledge and experiences is the path to achieve excellence. Therefore we couldn’t miss the chance to support friendly communities that also contribute and share the same roots as us. Everyone agrees that without their work in related fields, our work as DS would be incredible more difficult! So, take a few minutes, walk through the Community Corner during October, 26 and give them your support or even join one of these communities. ❤️

Last updated date: October 2, 2019