What languages are spoken?
Mainly Chinese, Korean, oh wait… wrong event. 😛

In order to acquaint the participants with the science’s lingua franca, the event is fully in English.

Is there any background requirement for attending the DSPT Day 2019?
Although there are no specific requirements and the event is open to everyone, basic knowledge of Data Science is definitely a plus. A good mood, humor and eagerness to learn are also welcome!

What is included in the ticket?
The ticket gives access to the afternoon of the first day (October 25) and the full second day (October 26). You will be able to participate in several activities during both days of the event, receive a welcome kit and a digital participation certificate. And as any DSPT Day, there will be plenty of beer 🙂

Which meals are included?
The following meals are included:
    – October 25: coffee-break (afternoon)
    – October 26: coffee-breaks (morning and afternoon) and lunch

Are dietary options available (vegan, etc.)?
Yes, but please contact us as soon as possible in order to make the request to the catering provider.

Is there accessibility infrastructures in the venue?

Yes, the venue has accessibility infrastructures. If you need more information about the venue, check the venue page or contact us.

What time can I do the check-in?
The check-in office will be open during the event so you can check in at any time. For more information check the schedule page. You can always create a predictive model to know when will be the best time to check-in. 😎

What kind of activities will happen during the event?
The activities will be announced in the activities page and in the participant’s guide.

Can I engage with the speakers?
Yes! The speakers are also human and they don’t bite.  Seriously, the speakers will be around, we encourage you to talk and engage with them.

What are the conditions to have access to the workshops?
Besides the conference ticket you also need to buy and register for each workshop you want to participate in separately. 

Is the event broadcasted live or recordes?
The event won’t be broadcasted live but it will be recorded. Nevertheless, we can not guarantee that all the activities and talks will be recorded and made available later.

Should I print the ticket to show on the check-in?
No, we live in a digital era! You can show the QRCode ticket on your phone.

I have a student ticket, do I need to prove my status?
Yes, you should bring your student card or other equivalent document to the check-in process. 

How can I request an invoice with VAT of my ticket?
Send us a request via email to finance@datascienceportugal.com with the following details: Full name, Address, VAT and Proof of purchase (order ID). Please note that the invoice can be issued up to 30 days after the request.

What is the refund policy?
You are eligible to cancel your purchase of a ticket up to October 13, 2019 without giving any reason. In order to receive a reimbursement of payments, you need to notify us to cancel your ticket to the email dsptday@datascienceportugal.com. All refunds are subject to a maximum deduction of €10 in administration fees.

Other informations
Check Terms & Conditions section (here) or contact us by email (dsptday@datascienceportugal.com).


Last updated date: August 24, 2019